Justice Impacted Entrepreneurs

Impact AZ is thrilled to announce that

We have expanded our Entrepreneurial Training Program to Support Justice Impacted Entrepreneurs.

Our unwavering commitment to equipping individuals with the necessary tools and resources remains at the forefront. In our pursuit to address recidivism, we are fostering Supplier Diversity opportunities for “Formerly Incarcerated” entrepreneurs

Supplier Diversity Technical Assistance

Capital Readiness

Business Planning & Mentorship

This initiative encompasses technical assistance, access to capital, and comprehensive training to empower these individuals in establishing and growing successful businesses. Aligned with the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to enhance opportunities for returning citizens, strengthen communities, and stimulate the economy, our focus on entrepreneurship serves as a crucial avenue.

Entrepreneurial endeavors have proven to be instrumental for formerly incarcerated individuals, who frequently encounter numerous barriers while seeking opportunities in the job market.

This path helps pave the way toward a healthy and productive life. As Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, articulated, “Justice-impacted entrepreneurs are less likely to recidivate and are more likely to employ other justice-impacted individuals.” We invite you to join us in supporting these entrepreneurs, empowering them to establish thriving businesses that benefit them and contribute positively to their communities.

"Supporting justice-impacted entrepreneurs is not just about giving a second chance; it's about dismantling barriers and fostering a community where resilience transforms into economic empowerment. By investing in their ventures, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society where every individual has the opportunity to rebuild, succeed, and positively impact their community."
Shamia Lodge
Director of Community Engagement at Aventiv Technology